bokserki szare

Bokserki wykonane z wysokogatunkowej bawełny z dodatkiem elastanu


Bokserki wykonane z wysokogatunkowej bawełny z dodatkiem elastanu dopasowują się do ciała i podkreślają sylwetkę, nie ograniczając swobody ruchów. Delikatna guma, zastosowanie płaskich szwów i bezuciskowe wykończenie nogawek gwarantują maksymalny komfort noszenia.



Na razie nie ma opinii o produkcie.

Tylko zalogowani klienci, którzy kupili ten produkt mogą napisać opinię.

Mola Mola designs and creates solutions that provide comfort and warmth for active divers. In all conditions and at any latitude.

Our products are flexible and exceptionally warm, they protect the environment and meet the needs of our customers.

Mola Mola - We give warmth to all divers


We invite you to cooperate with diving centers and bases, sports clothing stores and wholesalers. We offer favorable discounts and payment terms.

If you are the Organizer of an interesting initiative, action or diving expedition, let us know about this project and we will try to support you by offering MOLA MOLA products free of charge.

We offer the possibility of applying your own logo and graphics to our products. By choosing the MOLA MOLA brand, you can be sure that you will advertise on a Polish high-quality product. Let us know what you expect and we will take care of the rest - from design to implementation.

Together we can do more

We invite you to cooperation

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